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Call 0431 289 766, 0418 754 869 or 0432 338 650

Directions to FLAC:

We are now staying at a farm at Maules Creek where we are helping out.

From Sydney/Newcastle/Melbourne/etc:

  1. Drive to and through Gunnedah
  2. Head north-west on Kamilaroi Hwy/B51 towards Chandos St. (38km)
  3. Turn right to stay on Kamilaroi Hwy/B51 (signs for Narrabri/Route 37)  (16km)
  4. Turn right onto Harparary Rd (20km)
  5. Turn left onto Black Mountain Creek Road (3.4km)
  6. Wando is the second house on the right, look for banners and lights.

From the North via Narrabri

  1. From Narrabri head south-east on Maitland St. towards Dewhurst St (1.3km)
  2. Continue onto Old Gunnedah Rd (11.9km)
  3. Slight left onto Narrabri Maules Rd (2.5km)
  4. Turn right to stay on Narrabri Maules Rd (21.5km)
  5. Continue onto Timor Mountain Rd (400m)
  6. Turn left onto Harparary Rd (3.6km)
  7. Turn left onto Black Mountain Creek Road (3.4km)
  8. Wando is the second house on the right, look for banners and lights.




  1. Great blogging

  2. Frontline Action on Coal is a fantastic idea and I applaud your direct actions to try to reduce coal use and help protect our planet and give us a future. Maybe those investor should put their money into asbestos trading or tobacco companies rather than Whitehaven Coal. At least then those investors would be causing less harm to humanity and the planet.

  3. gary jenness · · Reply

    read the story re the hoax on sbs world news. I support your stand, the current NSW Govt are doing their upmost to be moved on they are so right wing its scary!! Regards Gary J

  4. Nicholas Russell · · Reply

    Keep up the Good Work Warriors!!! Your efforts are surely needed and respected by the majority of society, as opposed to the dominant views spouted by big business… and Mother Earth is Rejoicing… 🙂 Thank you……from All of us!

  5. Michael Kiddle · · Reply

    Congratulations to Jonathan Moylan for having the courage to stand up and highlight so cogently and succinctly, the impact of the Whitehaven’s Maules Creek coal project on the local people, the water table and future generations.

  6. Hey just heard about what you guys are doing up there 🙂 You’re total legends lots of love mon

  7. tori bail · · Reply

    hi anybody heading out that way around 19 december would love to car pool and join in i live near casino ???????? we need a xmas vigil / new year

  8. Hi, just wondering is there any organised transport? I’m really keen to join but unfortunately I don’t have a car!

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