DAY 465 Leard State Forest

hi all,
Still no work started for Whitehaven Coal in the Leard State Forest so far , this may change by next week with the rail line due to start. Boggabri coal is still going for it with an unnatural blast on Saturday with an yellow/ orange smoke from the blast, this happens when the ground is wet or damp, there has been on rain here for some time, may be they got the aquifer or a spring !!!!!!


It has been a big few days in Sydney town with Johnathan in the supreme court  , and the Descendants of the Kamilaroi Nation held a cultural ride to Parliament house  to protest mining on there land.

Then it was  Whitehaven coal’s AGM with about 80 protectors telling the share holders about there very bad investments.

We still need people in camp to help keep things ticking along with keeping watch over the Forest, so if you have spear time please come and spend time in the camp, see you all here soon ……

Stand and Protect

Love and Respect




  1. That blast looks nasty! Hope you weren’t breathing too deep. See you again soon.

    yes I remember that Toxic cloud coming for us… plus all the chemtrails on the same day..
    MUZ.. how’s da Worm Farm / Seedling area… she kicking yet !?!?!?
    get those seeds in mate… cause the second I got enough cash to get back.. I’m on my way to finish the shower, toilet block and Aquaponics system !!!
    cya soon

  3. p.s MATE.. I have evidence that the Weather Modification companies are being paid shit-loads to keep the rain AWAY !!!!!
    no shit !!!

  4. John tough · · Reply

    Hea Muzz,
    Dropped in a couple a weeks ago with an elder but you were out,showed him the big hill ,shocked him. I was going to bring out the other councillors on a Trip to show them what’s going on and I want to do it soon but need a bit of rain for dripping rock to run. Might be this week end.. Anyone been to the rock water hole lately and is it running.??. I’ll put an e-mail out now and see if anyone from council is available …..see ya ron…

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