Monthly Archives: October 2013

453 Days

hi all, Wonghaven coal still has not started work in the Leard State Forest which is great news, and Idimistu are still eating away at the forest bit by bit and may start clearing the forest again by the end of the year. WE still need people in camp to keep an close eye on […]

440 days Leard State Forest Camp

Hi all, Things are moving along nicely, with the Leard Listen Up going very well with many new face’s and many old ones, we are becoming one big family joining together for the good of all. It was also good to have quite a few people stay for several days after the gig to help […]

Idemitsu Trucks Stopped By Protest

A group of people have gathered on the haul road of Idemitsu Kosan’s Boggabri Coal Mine today to protest the destruction of the Leard State Forest. All trucks have ground to a halt at the intersection with Therribri Road near the Namoi River. “We are here today to prevent the destruction of the Leard State […]