Monthly Archives: July 2013

The full 360 days

hi all, 360 days in the Leard State Forest how time has flown, it’s been quite a journey of the soul Back to ORANGE ALERT, The court has slowed Whitehaven coal’s Mules Creek project  to a halt for at least two weeks.   So that takes the pressure off the ground crew giving us time to celebrate the one year anniversary […]

DAY 354 First evacuation of camp

hi all Tarrawonga let go a loud blast , we checked wind direction, there was a good chance we would be in the path of the plume so we EVACUATED the camp for the first time  in 354 days,  The both mines blast every two days so evacuating the camp  once in nearly a year […]

Day 350 And so we wait

Hi all. For those of us in Sydney, this Tuesday, July 23rd, Jonathan will be appearing in Downing St Local Court. Jonathan has now been charged under the Corporations Act for his action that exposed ANZ Bank’s funding of mining activities. Mining activities that threaten prime agricultural land and the health and survival of Koala […]


Hi to all, first things first: Whitehaven are signing contracts this week to get works started on their infrastructure. It will take maybe 10 days  for the machinery to move in, so we’ll need you in camp by then for sure. If you would like to come out before then, that would be great, the […]


The Maules Creek Project is a goer  ALL HANDS ON DECK !!!!