180 Days in the forest

Hi all,

another fun action outside the Whitehaven haul road just to let them know how we feel, and to let Tony Burke know it is ok ( and right) to say no to Coal and that Open cut don’t heal

save the Leard State Forest

save the Leard State Forest

It has been a blessing with all the rain, the forest is greening  up and the rivers are in flood the farmers are very happy, and the forest floor is very spongy so they have not be able to do any more clearing, tomorrow may be another story!!!    BUT the weather  dose have a down side, both mines are still in operation and there for blasting is on going, When they blast in wet or damp conditions the ANFO (explosives) don’t burn efficiently and give off a much more deadly gas of  Nitrogen Dioxide and Oxides of Nitrogen, PAH (Polychromatic Hydrocarbons), BTEX, PCB’s. ANFO also has impurities added including MERCURY, LEAD, and CADMIUM, this gas will kill you !!!!  a few of the close neighbours to these open cut coal mines have already be very sick, they have seen birds fly in to the  orange cloud of death and fall out of the sky DEAD!!!

The  orange cloud of death Stand and Protect

Love and Respect




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