Day 176-178

Day 176 :- A great day for the Leard State Forest. Some of the mob from Narrabri and Gunnedah came in to camp to do a welcome and blessing for us, we also had a good crew form Newcastle and Sydney stay for the long weekend, much fun and connecting was had ..


Day 177:-  RAIN !!!!!  the drought has broken, with very little rain in our 177 days it has gotten very dry with  fires from lighting strikes in the area. The rain has been very welcome by the Farmers in the area. WE are hoping to get follow up rain the the next two weeks..

Day 178:- The camp is very happy to have Sharyn Monro author of Rich Land Wasteland staying at the camp for the rest of the week. She will be also be giving a talk at the Maules Creek hall on Friday the 1st of February at 7.30 pm   hope to see you all there .

Stand and Protect  Love and Respect



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  1. Nathalie George · · Reply

    Dear Muzz and Johnno, thanks for your hospitality at the camp. It was great to get to share time with you and other great folk and sad but insightful to see the reality of the fight firsthand. We hope to get there again soon. Best and warmest, Nathalie & Em

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