DAY 173

hi to all ,

Keeping busy as all ways in camp , reading what the press puts out ” there has been many lately  “, keeping up to date  on the many actions and protests in Australia and the around the world. The actions against ANZ have been very moving for us in the camp, all over this land the OUT OF ORDER has been great to see as well as the DIE IN in Brisbane  and has given me many laughs that has been much needed.

WE have been having an action a day here on the haul road just to let them know we are here and growing in numbers so don’t feel left out and join us on the front line. Those that are here can not stay that long and will need others coming  and then going.  so please let me be a nag and get here if you can even if only over night you are all needed.

So back to the environmental disaster taking over the Leard State Forest!!!! If you Google Earth the Leard State Forest, link h :-

The Leard State Forest

The scar at the top is the Boggabri Open Cut Coal Mine  that’s the one IN THE FOREST and where they are NOW clearing more of this magnificent  tier one biodiversity forest

The scar just below is the Tarrawonga Open Cut Coal Mine, just so you can know !!!!! what its all about,  so I’ll see you all out here at some point !!!!!

Standing and Protecting

Loving and Respecting



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  1. Nicole Johnston · · Reply

    Sending support to you from Melbourne town. I just wrote to Tony Burke. If you’ve got the time, it would be great to hear what you think those of us who can’t come to the forest to stand with you, should do to help.

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