DAY 170

Have been very busy with the Leard Forest Campaign. Also been busy supporting local farmers, as in fighting fires and returning good deeds. It is time we the community all pull together against the threat of further coal mining.
Where we are at currently; we’ve had awesome people in camp this week-end, which has upped our ability to irritate! Boggabri coal (Idemitsu) are starting to clear more forest to prepare for further mining. This is already been approved by the federal government and ‘somehow’ legal.Boggabri Coal (Idemitsu) have applied for further expansion which is yet to be approved by the Federal Government. So now is the time to make our noise even louder!
The heart break is helping is spurring us into further action! This is a crucial time in this campaign, it is now or never. All support is valued. When you turn up to camp, see the forest and the land, that is when you will know how important it is to stop the destruction of the natural heritage of the Leard State Forest. You can also help by keeping the pressure up on ANZ, Federal Government, Whitehaven and Boggabri Coal.
We have actions planned 23rd of Jan to the 30th Jan, so come into the forest and show your support. Please come beforehand to get familiar with the lay out of the forest. We at Front-Line Action on Coal, look forward to having you all here on the front line!



  1. sharyn2013 · · Reply

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. See you all there in about a week.

  2. Reblogged this on Save Our Figs and other trees in Newcastle and commented:
    Thanks to Front Line Action on Coal for their campaign in the Leard State Forest. Here’s a really sad photo – just in case you wondered what the fuss is all about.

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