Monthly Archives: November 2012

United we stand

It has been a very slow in the FLAC camp in the last two weeks !!! The wheat harvest has started and finished, all the locals have been flat out   getting the grain off the fields and to the silos, the before the summer storms hit.. It well be good to see these hard working farmers stop in for a cupa […]

Camp FLAC 101 ( days )

Hello to all, The last 10 days have been quite bussy, starting with a protest in Tamworth on Monday, telling the Sate Government what we think of the lies and broken promises made by them to get elected !!!. Then the K team have been out and about documenting Koala habitat. A big thank you to Dave, Tania, Marg and […]

FLAC BLOG 2/11/ 12 90 Days in the Forest

90th Day: Documenting Leard Forest with the K Team. With the clock ticking now until the 31 January when a decision from Tony Burke is now expected on the federal approval for Idemitzu’s Boggabri Mine extension, thousands of hectares of box ironbark woodland have received a temporary reprieve. The K Team has spent the last […]