Time for action!

Welcome to the Liverpool Plains, the frontier of the expansion of the coal industry in New South Wales feeding the world’s largest coal export port.
FLAC was established as a blockade camp in June 2012 after years of local action by farmers and environmentalists to protect the land, water, prime agricultural farms and the global ecosystem from massive open-pit coal mines.
We are based in Leard State Forest, a Boxy Gum Woodland with hundreds of native species and dozens of endangered species. Currently 3% of the forest has been cleared for open-pit mining but 3 open-pit coal mines are pending approval which would destroy over 70% of the forest (5,500ha), as well as poison aquifers, decimate a beautiful rural community, destroy biodiversity and accelerate climate change.
We are not going to let that happen!
We are taking direct action to protect the land, the community and the earth and all we are missing is you! Everybody is welcome at FLAC, between Narrabri and Gunnedah and accessible by rail. Give us a call on our contacts page and come out for however long you want with a spirit of hope and care.


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